Colorado amends its UI rules on various topics

Colorado has amended the rules under its Employment Security Act as follows: Date of filing. The regulations now provide that a document is filed on the date it is received. Under prior rules, documents were considered filed on the postmark date Due date. If the due date of a premium or report falls on a […]

DOL proposes change to non-immigrant certification regs

The Department of Labor has published a notice of proposed rulemaking on March 18, 2011. The DOL proposes to amend its regulations governing the certification of the employment of nonimmigrant workers in temporary or seasonal non-agricultural employment and the enforcement of the obligations applicable to employers of such nonimmigrant workers. This Notice of Proposed Rulemaking […]

Oregon amends its UI rules regarding hearing requests

Oregon has amended the rules under its Employment Department Law as follows: Request for hearing. The rules now allow a request for hearing on an administrative decision related to unemployment insurance taxes to be filed by e-mail directed to the Department’s e-mail address or through the Department’s secure website. For requests that are filed by […]

CRS issues report on withholding in 2011

The Congressional Research Service (CRS) has issued a report on selected withholding issues for the 112th Congress. The summary of the report is reproduced below. Over the first few weeks of 2011, many employed, self-employed, and retired individuals from the public and private sectors discovered that the amount withheld from their paychecks and pension payments […]

New Mexico amends its UI rules regarding appeals

New Mexico has amended the rules under its Unemployment Compensation Law as follows: Appeals. The regulations now specify that issues of timeliness will be decided by the secretary, who may refer the decision to the Board. In addition, all appeals filed more than 15 days after the tribunal’s decision will be referred to the secretary, […]

SSA suspends earnings statements in cost-cutting measure

In a budget cutting move, the Social Security Administration has suspended the mailing of earnings statements to workers. The suspension applies to both the Annual Earnings Statement that is automatically provided to all workers age 25 or older as well as to statements that are requested, either in writing via Form SSA-7004 or online at […]

SSA seeks comments on proposed information gathering activities

The Social Security Administration is soliciting comments from the public regarding revised forms and other information collections currently pending with the agency prior to submission for clearance by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB). Other forms and information gathering activities, as indicated below, have already been submitted to the OMB. Specifically, the SSA wants […]

Information return requirement repeal bill cleared for President

The Senate on April 5th approved the repeal of a section of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Affordable Care Act) (P.L. 111-148) that required businesses to file Form 1099 for all transactions valued at $600 or more. The House passed the bill on March 3, 2011 (See CCH PAYROLL MANAGEMENT GUIDE Report Letter […]

Hearing process changed for claimants posing security risk

Responding to increasing reports of threats to hearing office employees, the Social Security Administration is giving authority to any Hearing Office Chief Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) to hold hearings by teleconference or video conference, if necessary, to protect the safety of its employees and other individuals. Interim final regulations, which became effective on the date […]