Alaska’s minimum wage will increase to $9.89 Jan. 1

The minimum wage in Alaska will increase from $9.84 per hour to $9.89 per hour on January 1, 2019, according to the Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development, Division of Labor Standards and Safety.

Pursuant to Alaska Statute 23.10.065, the Alaska minimum wage is to be adjusted annually for inflation using the Consumer Price Index for all urban consumers for the Anchorage metropolitan area (Anchorage CPI-U) for the proceeding January-December calendar year. The Anchorage CPI-U increased 0.5 percent in 2017, rising from 217.830 to 218.873. As a result, the minimum wage will rise from $9.84 per hour to $9.89 per hour effective January 1.

School bus drivers must receive at least two times the Alaska minimum wage.

Employers must keep posted a summary or abstract of the state’s Wage and Hour Act (Alaska Statutes 23.10.050 to 23.10.150) in a prominent place in the workplace. The Department of Labor and Workforce Development, Labor Standards and Safety Division, has updated the required poster for 2019.

Certain exemptions apply to coverage under the state minimum wage, including those employed in agriculture; federal, state or local governments; nonprofit activities; those employed in a bona fide executive, administrative, or professional capacity, certain computer occupations, outside sales or sales persons working on a state commission basis; newspaper delivery to the consumer, etc. (Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development, Administrative Services Division, Research and Analysis, 2019 Minimum Wage Determination, October 19, 2018.)

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