Colorado issues substitute forms guidance

Colorado has updated its substitute forms guidance for 2014. Again in 2014, the Colorado Department of Revenue has made significant changes to enhance automatic data capture from new tax forms. The changes reflect new data capture and processing standards recently adopted by the Department. Review all sections thoroughly prior to designing to the new specifications. Form vendors and/or software developers are required to receive approval to generate and substitute Colorado tax forms for release or distribution. A substitute form must meet the requirements of the Department and must be approved prior to release or distribution. The state of Colorado does not require a letter of intent for submission. All Software Developer tax forms are currently available at the Colorado Department of Revenue Web site at: As the tax forms are updated for the tax year, drafts of those forms will be located in the drafts section for Tax Professionals. Due to the integration of new scanning specifications for all tax documents in Colorado, this information will be available by August 2014. Notification of new postings and revisions to the Web page will be sent to members of the National Association of Computerized Tax Processors (NACTP). If you are not a member of the NACTP but wish to be informed of the changes to the Web site email or contact Antoinette Williams at 303-866-2722. Any individual or business approved by the Colorado Department of Revenue to develop, distribute or use Colorado tax forms must clearly instruct clients, customers and users to submit quality printed forms only. Paper, ink, legibility and printing standards should be included in the instructions. (Colorado Department of Revenue Tax Professionals, Form Information & Tax Specifications, 2014, DR 4694 (08/29/14).)

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