Conn. issues withholding information; corrects error in Table D

Connecticut has released more information on the new withholding tables (see CCH Payroll Management Guide Report Letter 2200, dated May 24, 2011). The information is reproduced in this Report Letter on pages 11—15. In addition, Connecticut has corrected the Withholding Calculation Rules Tables. The error is for one of the thresholds in Table D, Withholding Code B. The range is shown as 106,500 to 100,500 but should be 106,500 to 110,500. The corrected table will be reproduced in the CCH Payroll Management Guide on CD Rom/Internet in a future release at ¶5574. (Department of Revenue Services IP 2011(10), May 25, 2011; Department of Revenue Services e-mail, June 2011.)

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