Connecticut issues new withholding tables

Connecticut has issued new wage-bracket and percentage method withholding tables. The tables, which have been updated to reflect recent tax legislation, must be implemented by August 31, 2015. Changes to the withholding schedules and rules include: (1) A delay in the scheduled increase in the personal tax exemption and tax credit for single filers by one year. The personal exemption and credit for single filers (Withholding Code F) in effect for 2014 will remain in effect for the 2015 taxable year. The scheduled increase will resume in taxable year 2016. (2) The addition of two new tax rates for upper income earners; and (3) New recapture amounts for taxpayers earning in excess of $200,000 a year. The tables will be reproduced in the Payroll Management Guide beginning at ¶5573 in a future release. The withholding calculation tables are reproduced in this Report Letter on pages 7–12. (Connecticut Department of Revenue Services communication, August 6, 2015; TPG-21, 2015 Withholding Calculation Rules (Rev. 08/2015).)

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