D.C. voters approve raising the minimum wage for tipped workers

District of Columbia voters have approved raising the minimum wage for tipped workers. The measure eliminates the tipped minimum wage in D.C. by increasing the wage for tipped employees until it is equal to minimum wage law for non-tipped employees ($15.00 per hour) by 2020. In addition, minimum wages for tipped employees would increase so that they receive the same minimum wage from the employer by 2026. New developments by the D.C. City Council will be reported as they occur. (Ballot Initiative 77, approved June 19, 2018; https://dcboe.org/dcboe/media/PDFFiles/050918-2018-PE-Voter-Guide-(1).pdf; https://electionresults.dcboe.org/election_results/2018-Primary-Election.)

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