DoD Finalizes Rule Updating PIIN Instructions

The Department of Defense has issued a final rule (DFARS 2012-D040) amending the Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement to update instructions for assigning basic and supplementary procurement instrument identification numbers. The final rules makes no changes to the proposed rule ( ¶70,020.324), which limited the use of “F” in the 9th position of the PIIN to orders and calls issued by DoD under indefinite-delivery type contracts and agreements issued by departments or agencies outside DoD. Specifically, the rule revises DFARS 204.7003 and DFARS 204.7004 to eliminate the requirement to use an “F” in the 9th position of the PIIN to identify awards to certain contractors, including AbilityOne and Federal Prison Industries, and to other government organizations. These contractors are now uniquely identified by their Data Universal Numbering System number or Commercial and Government Entity code, and associated contract actions are easily tracked. Therefore, DoD no longer needs to uniquely identify contract actions with these contractors. Under the rule, contract actions with these contractors are treated and identified in the same manner as those with any other contractor. Use of “F” in the 9th position of the PIIN is limited to task and delivery orders issued under a non-DoD issued contract or agreement. For the text of the final rule, effective May 22, 2013, see ¶70,016.752.