DoD Waives Source Restrictions on UK-Produced Defense Items

The Department of Defense is waiving the limitation of 10 USC 2534(a) for certain defense items produced in the United Kingdom. 10 USC 2534 limits DoD procurement of some items to sources in the national technology and industrial base. However, the limitation may be waived under certain circumstances. The Under Secretary of Defense (Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics) has determined application of the 10 USC 2534(a) limitation to the procurement of certain defense items produced in the UK would impede the reciprocal procurement of defense items under a memorandum of understanding with the UK. As a result, the Under Secretary has waived the limitation for procurements of the following UK-produced defense items: air circuit breakers, gyrocompasses, electronic navigation chart systems, steering controls, pumps, propulsion and machinery control systems, and totally enclosed lifeboats. The waiver is effective for one year, beginning March 1, 2013. For the text of the notice, see ¶70,245.66.