EBSA seeks comments on information collection requests contained in various documents

The Employee Benefits Security Administration (EBSA) is requesting public comments on the proposed extension of the information collection requests contained in the following documents:

  • Prohibited Transaction Class Exemption (PTE) 1990-1;
  • PTEs 94-71 and 2003-39;
  • PTE 2002-12;
  • The Fiduciary Correction Program and PTE 2002-51;
  • PTE 2004-07;
  • Regulations on the qualified termination of abandoned plans, and PTEs 2006-06 and 2004-16;
  • ERISA Procedure 76-1;
  • ERISA Technical Release 91-1;
  • Regulations on disclosures by insurers to general account policyholders;
  • Regulations on notice requirements for blackout periods;
  • Form 5500 (Annual Return/Report of Employee Benefit Plan); and
  • The registration requirements for credentials under the ERISA Filing Acceptance System 2 (EFAST-2).

Written comments, which must be submitted on or before June 11, 2018, should be sent to G. Christopher Cosby, Department of Labor, Employee Benefits Security Administration, 200 Constitution Avenue NW., Room N-5718, Washington, DC 20210, ebsa.opr@dol.gov, (202) 693-8410, FAX (202) 219-4745 (these are not toll-free numbers).

Source: 83 FR 15635, April 11, 2018.
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