Employees Disengaged From Health Plan Enrollment

Two-thirds of employees just do not care about the details of their employer health benefits package, according to research from the Colonial Life & Accident Insurance Company. The company surveyed nearly 400 employee benefits counselors about the top mistakes they see employees make during their annual benefits enrollment.

The survey found that these were the top seven mistakes employees made during open enrollment, along with the estimates of what percentage of covered employees made the mistake:

1. Not taking advantage of a benefits counselor before electing a package—81 percent;
2. Not reading the benefits information before the enrollment—69 percent;
3. Not knowing what benefits they currently have and what they cost—69 percent;
4. Forgetting to talk with their spouse about their family’s needs before the enrollment—67 percent;
5. Assuming the cost of a new benefit is unaffordable without seeing any prices—66 percent;
6. Not attending the group informational meeting — 58 percent; and
7. Not taking time to understand the upcoming changes in their benefits plan—50 percent.

For more information, visit http://www.coloniallife.com.

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