Employer appropriately withheld taxes from employee’s wages

An employer appropriately withheld taxes from an employee’s wages and paid the wages to the IRS because the IRS directed the employer to do so. The pro se employee’s claim to have his employer honor the Form W-4 the employee submitted for exemption from taxes was rejected. The employer was specifically directed to disregard the previously submitted Form W-4 and withhold income taxes from the individual’s wages at a specified rate. The individual had no specific cause of action against his employer for withholding taxes from his wages and paying them to the IRS. Moreover, an employer cannot be held liable for failing to honor an employee’s Form W-4 when it has been directed to do so by the IRS under the statutory law. (Richard Boggs, v. Logic Technology, Inc. and U.S.; U.S. District Court, D. South Carolina, Columbia Div.; Civ. 3:17-2166-MGL, 2018-1 USTC 50,247, May 10, 2018.)

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