Employers and employees see value in health coaching

Employees want more personalization from their employers’ wellness programs-75 percent of employees say that a personal touch is important in guiding their health, according to recent research from HealthFitness. The research also shows that providing opportunities for employees to connect with live experts can contribute significantly to attracting and keeping participants active in a company’s wellness program, driving significant health results and helping companies realize medical and pharmacy cost savings.

Health coaching.

Within wellness programs, coaches can be a valuable source of credible, engaging support that help employees reach their individual goals and create a healthy vision for their lives. HealthFitness has found that employees who enrolled in a wellness program in-person stayed in the program longer, had more coaching sessions, and were more successful in building healthy, sustainable habits. Comparing employees who work with a coach with those who work through the wellness program on their own, research also found that:

  • Those who used coaches gained 70 percent less weight than those who did not.
  • Nearly 20 percent of those who used coaches lost approximately 8 pounds each year.
  • Survey participants who used coaches were 29 percent more likely to quit using tobacco than non-participants.

Cost savings.

HealthFitness found that 70 percent of cost savings comes from just 30 percent of employees who enroll in coaching. Those who enrolled in coaching saved an average of $586 of medical costs per year, compared with an average savings of $261 among wellness program participants who did not participate in coaching. This translates into approximately 6 percent more cost savings reaped by those who participate in wellness coaching.

SOURCE: http://healthfitness.com

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