Employers out of touch with employee’s open enrollment preferences

Only 38 percent of employers believe that their employees want to use a computer to enroll for employee benefits, and 27 percent think that employees still want to enroll through paper forms. However, 68 percent of employees said they want to enroll in their benefits online or electronically, and just 16 percent prefer paper forms, according to a recent study from LIMRA.

The study also found that 10 percent of employers automatically re-enroll their employees annually in at least some benefits. But, less than 10 percent of employees prefer this automated process.

The 2016 LIMRA Employer Study: Benefit Communication and Enrollment noted that this disconnect hurts employees’ perceptions of their employers. Surveyed employees who preferred online enrollment felt that companies still using paper enrollment were stuck in the past, out of touch with today’s technology, or thought that it would simply be better done electronically. With more and more Millennials entering the workforce, LIMRA noted that it is likely this disconnect between employers’ paper-centric enrollment mentality and the modern technological approach of their employees will only grow.

SOURCE: LIMRA press release, August 9, 2016.

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