Hot Topics in Corporate Governance: A New Accountability

March 12, 2009 – 12:00 PM EST / 9:00 AM PST

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Your presenter: Marc J. Lane

The introduction of new legislation, rules, and standards by governmental bodies and society in the wake of recent corporate and accounting scandals has lead to a focus upon increasing corporate governance standards. A host of new hurdles have arisen. Increased SEC oversight, new NYSE and NASDAQ listing standards, new fiduciary and other duties, and new criminal penalties have changed the landscape for those who control corporations. This webcast provide an expert overview of the present landscape of corporate governance, issues of new accountability and where we go from here. Some of the issues that will be addressed include:

  • The Growing Momentum for Shareholder Initiatives
  • Executive Compensation and Corporate Governance Standards under TARP
  • Say-on-Pay Provisions
  • Shifting perspectives – economic changes
  • Influence from other countries
  • TARP requirements and the Frank Bill