IRS issues more 2015 inflation adjustments

The IRS has released some more of the inflation-adjusted figures for 2015.

Standard deductions

The 2015 standard deduction will increase to $6,300 for single taxpayers. For married joint filers, the standard deduction will increase to $12,600. For heads of household, the standard deduction will increase to $9,250.

The additional standard deduction for the blind and aged will increase to $1,250 for married taxpayers. For unmarried taxpayers, the amount of the additional standard deduction will remain $1,550.

Limitation on itemized deductions

For higher income taxpayers who itemize their deductions, the limitation on itemized deductions will be imposed at income above levels:

• For married couples filing joint returns or surviving spouses, the income threshold will be $309,900.
• For heads of household, the threshold will be $284,050.
• For single taxpayers, the threshold will be $258,250.
• For married taxpayers filing separate returns, the threshold will be $154,950.

Personal exemptions

The 2015 personal exemption will be $4,000.

Adoption credit

The 2015 adoption credit will be $13,400.

Qualified transportation fringe benefits

For taxable years beginning in 2015, the monthly limitation under § 132(f)(2)(A) regarding the aggregate fringe benefit exclusion amount for transportation in a commuter highway vehicle and any transit pass is $130. The monthly limitation under §132(f)(2)(B) regarding the fringe benefit exclusion amount for qualified parking is $250.

Flexible spending arrangements

The limitation on the amount of salary reductions an employee may elect to contribute to a cafeteria plan under an FSA will be $2,550.

Medical savings accounts

Medical savings accounts are available to certain employees of small businesses only when used in conjunction with a “high deductible health plan” whose deductibles are indexed for inflation. For 2015, for individual coverage, the deductible must range from $2,200 to $3,300 with an out-of-pocket maximum of $4,450. For family coverage, the deductible range is $4,450 to $6,650 with an out-of-pocket maximum of $8,150.

Foreign earned income exclusion

The foreign earned income exclusion amount was adjusted for 2015 to $100,800.

Pipeline construction

For calendar year 2015, an eligible employer may pay certain welders and heavy equipment mechanics an amount of up to $17 per hour for rig-related expenses that is deemed substantiated under an accountable plan if paid in accordance with Rev. Proc. 2002-41, 2002-1 C.B. 1098. If the employer provides fuel or otherwise reimburses fuel expenses, up to $11 per hour is deemed substantiated if paid under Rev. Proc. 2002-41. (IRS News Release IR-2014-104, October 30, 2014; IRS Rev. Proc. 2014-61, IRB 2014-47, November 11, 2014.)

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