IRS issues tax calendars for 2015

The IRS issued IRS Pub. 509, Tax Calendars for use in 2015. The publication is posted at and is reproduced in this Report at ¶2.

2015 holidays

The 2015 holidays are:

• January 1–New Year’s Day
• January 19–Birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr./ Inauguration Day
• February 16— Washington’s Birthday
• April 16–District of Columbia Emancipation Day
• May 25–Memorial Day
• July 3–Independence Day (observed)
• September 7–Labor Day
• October 12–Columbus Day
• November 11–Veterans Day
• November 26–Thanksgiving Day
• December 25–Christmas Day

Statewide holidays

A statewide legal holiday delays a due date for filing a return only if the IRS office where you are required to file is located in that state. A statewide legal holiday does not delay a due date for making a federal tax deposit. (IRS Pub. 509, October 29, 2014.)

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