IRS lists certified professional employer organizations

Pursuant to Code Sec. 7705(a), the term certified professional employer organization (CPEO) means a person that applies to be certified as a CPEO and that the IRS has certified as meeting the applicable requirements. A person is a CPEO as of the certification effective date and remains a CPEO until the IRS revokes the certification or, if earlier, until the CPEO voluntarily terminates the certification. In accordance with the law the IRS has published the list of all organizations that are certified as CPEOs and the effective date of certification. The list will be updated to reflect newly certified CPEOs by the 15th day of the first month of every calendar quarter. The list is at: (IRS Payroll Industry & Reporting Agent Liaisons E-News for Payroll Professionals Payroll Professionals Tax Center, July 17, 2017.)

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