IRS requests comments on EFTPS for reporting agents

The IRS is soliciting comments concerning Revenue Procedure 98-32 , Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS) Programs for Reporting Agents. This revenue procedure provides information about the EFTPS programs for Batch Filers and Bulk Filers (Filers). EFTPS is an electronic remittance processing system for making federal tax deposits (FTDs) and federal tax payments (FTPs). The Batch Filer and Bulk Filer programs are used by Filers for electronically submitting enrollments, FTDs, and FTPs on behalf of multiple taxpayers.

Written comments should be received on or before March 20, 2017 to be assured of consideration, and should be directed to Tuawana Pinkston, Internal Revenue Service, Room 6526, 1111 Constitution Avenue NW., Washington, DC 20224. (82 FR 8726, January 19, 2017.)

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