Kansas issues new withholding tables, supplemental wage rate

Kansas has issued revised withholding tables due to recently enacted legislation which increased individual income tax rates retroactively for tax year 2017, and further increased them for tax year 2018 and later years. (S.B. 30, Laws 2017, vetoed by Governor Brownback on June 6, 2017, veto overridden by Kansas Senate and House of Representatives on June 6, 2017, effective July 1, 2017, except as noted above.)
The tables should be implemented as soon as possible. Applying the withholding rates to the second half of tax year 2017 should allow most employees to “catch-up” on their withholding for tax year 2017. In addition, beginning to withhold at the 2018 rate now means it will not be necessary to change the amount of withholding again in just 6 months. All of the table will be reproduced in the Payroll Management Guide in a future release at ¶6278 and ¶6279. The supplemental wage rate has changed to 5%. (Kansas Withholding Tables, issued June 27, 2017; Kansas Department of Revenue Notice 17-02, July 1, 2017.)

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