Kentucky revises employer withholding guidelines

The Kentucky Department of Revenue has revised its guidelines for employers subject to Kentucky personal income tax withholding from employee wages. The revised guidelines note that the Department has implemented an online personal income tax withholding return and payment system (WRAPS) at Employers can use WRAPS to file returns (annual, quarterly, monthly, and twice-monthly returns), view and amend previously filed online returns, request refunds, and pay withholding tax using the enterprise electronic payment system. The guidelines also provide information on wages subject to withholding, withholding tax forms available online, employee exemption certificates, reporting and payment frequency, business termination procedures, annual wage and tax statements, electronic funds transfer, interest and penalties, and corporate officer liability. In addition, a summary is provided on the withholding requirements for gambling winnings. (Kentucky Income Tax Withholding Instructions for Employers, Kentucky Department of Revenue, released May 29, 2015.)

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