Louisiana rule provides guidelines for 2014 amnesty program

An emergency rule has been enacted that provides guidelines for implementing and administering installment plans for the 2014 Louisiana Tax Delinquency Amnesty Program, which applies to all taxes administered by the Louisiana Department of Revenue except for motor fuel, prepaid cell phone sales tax, oil field restoration-oil, oil field restoration-gas, inspection and supervision fee and penalties for failure to submit information reports that are not based on an underpayment of tax. The program begins October 15, 2014, and ends November 14, 2014. Amnesty will be granted only for eligible taxes to eligible taxpayers who apply for amnesty during the amnesty period on forms prescribed by the Secretary of the Department and who pay or enter into an installment agreement for all of the tax, half of the interest due, and all fees and costs, if applicable, for periods designated on the amnesty application. The amnesty application may include issues or eligible periods that are not in dispute. The Secretary reserves the right to require taxpayers to file tax returns with the amnesty application. If the amnesty application is approved, the Secretary will waive the remaining half of the penalties and the remaining half of the interest associated with the tax periods for which amnesty is applied. (LAC 61:I.4915, Louisiana Department of Revenue, effective October 1, 2014.)

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