Maine amends withholding rule

Maine Revenue Services has amended its rule governing income tax withholding reports and payments to add definitions for “payer,” “payee,” and “person” in order to consolidate references to employers and other persons required to register to report and remit Maine income tax withholding and to consolidate references to payees from whose income withholding is required. In addition, changes were made to reflect separate filing, payment, and processing of Maine income tax withholding and unemployment contributions for tax periods beginning after 2014 and billing notices issued after June 18, 2014. The rule was also amended due to a recent law change that allows the State Tax Assessor to establish the due date for providing Maine withholding information statements to payees. Generally, under the provisions of the amended rule, each statement is due the same date that the related federal statement is due. Finally, miscellaneous technical changes were also made. (Rule 803 (18-125 CMR 803), Maine Revenue Services, effective April 5, 2015.)

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