Majority Of Companies Value Healthy Work-Life Balance

The majority of companies (83 percent) encourage a healthy work-life balance among their employees, according to a recent study of senior executives from Battalia Winston. Overall, most companies valuing work-life balance have programs and policies in place to support that stance: 73 percent offer flexible schedules; 66 percent offer teleworking options; and 63 percent have implemented technology, like teleconferencing and video-chat, to reduce required travel.

A modest number of responding companies have programs designed to help working parents, with 21 percent offering maternity leave beyond what is required by law and 14 percent offering paternity leave beyond what is required by law.

Work-life balance continues to be a dominating topic in the coverage of workplace issues, and the survey’s findings reflect this trend: Just over a third of respondents indicated that their company values work-life balance more so than five years ago, while half of respondents reported that their position has remained the same and existing programs have been maintained (rather than expanded).

Of the respondents who were satisfied with their work-life balance, 85 percent said their companies encourage a healthy work-life balance for their employees and 65 percent said their companies have at least some programs/policies in place to support that position. On the other hand, only 69 percent of respondents who were unsatisfied with their personal work-life balance said their companies encouraged a healthy work-life balance for employees.

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