Massachusetts authorizes fiscal year 2015 tax amnesty program

Legislation is enacted that addresses the fiscal year 2015 budget shortfall and authorizes the creation of a Massachusetts tax amnesty program to be established for 60 days in fiscal year 2015 as determined by the Commissioner of Revenue during which taxpayers may file and pay certain delinquent taxes without penalty. All required payments must be made in full by the taxpayer on or before June 30, 2015. The program will not authorize the waiver of interest or any amount treated as interest.

The scope of the program, including the particular tax types and period covered and any limited look-back period for unfiled returns, will be determined by the Commissioner; however, the program must include corporate excise tax. The program will not apply to those penalties that the Commissioner would not have the sole authority to waive, including, but not limited to, fuel taxes administered under the International Fuel Tax Agreement or under the local option portions of taxes or excises collected for the benefit of cities, towns, or state governmental authorities. The Commissioner must maintain records of the penalties waived under the program and file a report detailing the information with the clerks of the Senate and House of Representatives, the Joint Committee on Revenue, the House and Senate Committees on Ways and Means, and the House and Senate minority leaders not later than September 1, 2015. (Ch. 2 (H.B. 52), Laws 2015, effective February 13, 2015.)

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