Minnesota issues substitute forms guidelines

The Minnesota Department of Revenue has issued substitute forms specifications. The Department will accept reproduced tax forms that are consistent with the official department forms. Developers must register and submit all reproduced forms to the Department for approval prior to distribution. Note: In the guidelines, the term “form” includes tax returns, schedules, worksheets, and payment vouchers. Among, other things, developers must register annually. Employers must register annually. Use the 2014 Registration and Authorization Form. Complete, sign and send the registration form to the Department by Aug. 31, 2014. The Department will not accept reproduced forms for review if a timely signed document is not on file. Once a completed/signed registration form has been received, the Department will assign a unique four-digit vendor identification number in the box provided on the registration forms and send a copy. The assigned vendor identification number must be printed on all forms/pages submitted for approval and for processing. Sub-vendors must also register annually and resubmit all forms for approval.

The Department will begin posting forms on the Software Vendors website in August. At this time, forms will be posted as “Near Final” to allow developers to begin development. Don’t release “near final” forms to the public. The goal is to post the “Final” versions of forms by October 1, pending any legislative and federal delays. Once the “Final” forms are posted, use the approved scenarios for submitting forms for approval. Attach a completed Submission Summary/Approval Status Form with each form or group of forms that are submitted for approval. Submit forms for approval either by e-mail as an attachment in a printable document format (PDF) or by mail. The Department will e-mail the test results to you within 10 business days. If the forms do not meet the Department’s requirements, they will be returned by e-mail in a PDF with watermarks showing where the forms failed. Once the corrections have been made the form can be resubmitted for approval. Users are responsible for maintaining the most current version of all forms. Forms must be submitted for approval when there are changes. If there are forms included in a user’s software package that was not approved, users must note on the forms “Not approved for filing by the Minnesota Department of Revenue.” Do not submit these forms for processing. The 4-digit Department assigned Vendor ID number (Do not include “ID:”) must be printed on the bottom center of each page submitted for approval and processing. (Minnesota Department of Revenue, 2014 Guidelines and Specifications for Reproducing Substitute Tax Forms Revised August 18, 2014.)

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