Mississippi issues new withholding tables for 2018

Mississippi has issued new withholding tables for wages paid on and after January 1, 2018. All of the tables will be reproduced in the Payroll Management Guide in a future release at ¶7118 and ¶7119. Employers filing 25 or more returns are required to electronically submit those to the Department of Revenue (DOR) through Taxpayer Access Point (TAP). You may be subject to penalties if you issue more than 25 returns and do not file as required. The penalty is $25 for the first instance of non-compliance and $500 for each additional instance.
Bulk filing through the Fed/State Employment Taxes (FSET) program is available. If taxpayers are using a software package, it is likely the software company is participating in FSET and has the capability to transmit returns and payment information to the DOR in bulk. If so, the taxpayer will not need to use TAP to file and pay.
W-2s must be submitted in Social Security Administration (SSA) format and must contain the “RS” record for state data. See SSA Publication EFW2 for record formats and specifications.
1099s, W-2Gs, and all other information returns must be submitted in Internal Revenue Service (IRS) format. See IRS Publication 1220 for specifications and procedures.
Employers filing fewer than 25 returns on paper must submit the Mississippi Annual Information Return, Form 89-140, with all W-2s and 1099s.
All employers, regardless of the number of returns, may utilize TAP to enter and submit returns securely to the DOR. If taxpayers have any questions about online filing or the system, they can review TAP “frequently asked questions” at www.dor.ms.gov. Taxpayers may also contact the Department at 601-923-7700. (Mississippi Department of Revenue, Withholding Income Tax Tables And Employer Instructions, Form 89-700-17 (Rev.11/17); Mississippi Computer Payroll Accounting — For Periods In 2018.)

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