More Changes for GSAR Part 517, Special Contracting Methods

The General Services Administration is proposing additional revisions to GSAR Part 517, Special Contracting Methods. The rule would revise requirements for special contracting methods, eliminate date references, and align the text of GSAR Part 517 with the Federal Acquisition Regulation. Specifically, the rule proposes to:

  • update the statutes cited in GSAR 517.109;

  • delete GSAR 517.200(b), GSAR 517.202(iv), GSAR 517.202(v), and GSAR 517.207(a);

  • amend GSAR 517.203 to cross reference the requirements in FAR 22.407 on using option provisions that extend the term of a construction contract;

  • add new GSAR 517.207(b), which reminds contracting officers to seek new wage determinations when exercising options that extend the term of the contract; and

  • make other administrative and typographical updates.

This rule incorporates many of the changes proposed in a 2008 GSAR rule (¶70,033.33), but it does not retain proposed changes to GSAR 517.202(c) and GSAR 517.203(c). GSA issued this second proposed rule due to the need for additional edits and the length of time since the first proposed rule was published. Comments on the rule referencing GSAR Case 2007-G500 are due August 14, 2015. For the text of the rule, see ¶70,033.83.