Nearly Half Of HR Chiefs Say Wellness Programs Are Ineffective


Chief HR officers have questioned the efficacy of corporate wellness programs in a recent survey by Consero Group. Forty-eight percent of surveyed executives said they do not believe their corporate wellness programs are effective, according to the 2014 Chief HR Officer Data Survey. In addition, more than half (56 percent) of surveyed chief HR officers indicate that their wellness programs have not reduced costs significantly at their companies.

“One of the most significant challenges for today’s chief HR officer is corporate health care, which can be a costly pursuit with results that are difficult to justify,” said Paul Mandell, founder and CEO of Consero. “The results of our new survey suggest that companies should be taking a critical look at how they invest in wellness programs, as well as exploring new ways to optimize those efforts.”

Additional findings include:

• Fifty-five percent of surveyed executives said they do not have enough resources to manage the HR function effectively, while the same number (55 percent) also said their department does not have the talent it needs to achieve its goals.

• A majority (56 percent) of chief HR officers say they have identified a successor for their role.

• An overwhelming majority (83 percent) of survey participants believe their senior management supports their HR agenda.

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