Negative Sentiment About ACA Continues, But Law Could Prompt Some To Retire Early

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) has failed to make a positive impact on Americans, but it could affect when some people retire, according to

Forty-three percent of Americans believe the ACA has had a mostly negative impact on the country, and 21 percent say it has not made much of an impact at all, according to a recent report. Only 28 percent say the ACA has had a mostly positive impact. Negative sentiment increases with income; feelings are more evenly split among those with annual household income under $30,000.

“These findings indicate that more than seven in ten Americans don’t feel like Obamacare has been worth it,” according to insurance analyst Doug Whiteman.

S&P Capital IQ recently predicted that by 2020, nine out of ten workers who currently receive health insurance through their employers will instead manage their own health plans on the health exchanges. According to, 30 percent of Americans think this would have a negative impact and only 14 percent forecast a positive change.

Early retirement? About one in four Americans with employer-sponsored health insurance (23 percent) are more likely to retire early or otherwise leave their jobs due to the ACA. That is almost three times as many as the 8 percent who are less likely to move on. People with annual household income between $50,000 and $75,000 are the most likely to quit. also found that the percentage of Americans without health insurance has fallen to 11 percent, the lowest since its monthly Health Insurance Pulse surveys began in August 2013.

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