New E-Verify resources are issued

Below is a list of some of the recently released E-Verify resources.

E-Verify for business leaders

The new short video “E-Verify for Business Leaders” introduces E-Verify’s benefits to prospective users. View the video to quickly learn why employers are enrolled to use this free employment eligibility verification service at 1.5 million hiring sites (see

Form I-9 video vignettes

Three short new videos make completing Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification Form easier. The first video helps new employees properly complete Section 1, while the second and third videos help employers complete Section 2 and 3 of the Form I-9. Each video takes the user through the key steps in less than four minutes. The videos can be found on USCIS YouTube and (see also;;

Updated E-verify website

The E-Verify website unveiled a brand new look with more plain language and easy-to-follow graphics. Visit the new interactive History and Milestones page to review E-Verify’s advances over the years (see

Correcting immigration record

The new downloadable Fact Sheet explains the steps to take to correct an immigration record. Employers are encouraged to provide this Fact Sheet to employees who receive an E-Verify DHS Tentative Nonconfirmation (TNC). It is available in eighteen languages (

Form I-9 information sheet

The new one-page Form I-9 Employee Information Sheet responds to common questions and prepares new employees to fill-in Section One of the Employment Eligibility Verification Form I-9. This resource is available in English and Spanish on I-9 Central. You may want to make this available to new employees (

Free training: webinars in Spanish

E-Verify now offers the popular E-Verify and Form I-9 Overview webinar for employers and the Employee Rights webinar in Spanish. Please also see the full schedule of E-Verify and Form I-9 webinars presented in English. Contact for a customized webinar for your organization. Visit to learn how to enroll in this free web-based service for employers. (SSA/IRS Reporter Spring 2014.)

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