New York removes annual wage notice requirement

New York has eliminated the annual notice requirement that requires employers, before February 1 of each year, to notify and receive written acknowledgment from every worker regarding rate of pay, allowances, pay day, etc.

The law expands various protections enacted last year to protect employees from wage theft as well as eliminating the annual written notice requirement. However, as passed, there are still some technical and substantive problems that the legislature has agreed to address in additional legislation. Legislative leaders and the governor have agreed to a chapter amendment to make the change effective immediately.

The Department of Labor has announced that, given the enactment of the chapter amendment, the Department will not require annual statements in 2015. However, businesses are still required to notify new employees of wage rates at time of hire as required under the Wage Theft Prevention Act. (New York State Department of Labor, Worker Protection, Labor Standards, Wage Theft Protection Act, Notice of Pay Rate,; Chapter 537 Signing Document,

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