Oregon amends wage statement rules

Oregon has amended regulations relating to wage statements. The revised regulation modifies information that must be included in itemized statements provided to employees each pay period; requires an employer to maintain time and pay records of terminated employees for not less than a specified period required by Fair Labor Standards Act and accompanying regulations from date of termination, and to provide records to employees if requested.

The statement required under this regulation must be a written statement, sufficiently itemized to show:

• The date of the payment;
• The dates of work covered by the payment;
• The name of the employee;
• The name and business registry number or business identification number;
• The address and telephone number of the employer;
• The rate or rates of pay;
• Whether the employee is paid by the hour, shift, day or week or on a salary, piece or commission basis;
• Gross wages;
• Net wages;
• The amount and purpose of each deduction made during the respective period of service that the payment covers;
• Allowances, if any, claimed as part of minimum wage;
• Unless the employee is paid on a salary basis and is exempt from overtime compensation as established by local, state or federal law, the regular hourly rate or rates of pay, the overtime rate or rates of pay, the number of regular hours worked and pay for those hours, and the number of overtime hours worked and pay for those hours; and
• If the employee is paid a piece rate, the applicable piece rate or rates of pay, the number of pieces completed at each piece rate and the total pay for each rate.

The employer may provide the statement in electronic form if (1) the statement contains the required information; (2) the employee expressly agrees to receive the statement in electronic form; and (3) the employee has the ability to print or store the statement at the time of receipt. (S.B. 1587, Laws 2016, approved and effective April 4, 2016.)

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