Oregon issues substitute forms guidelines

Software developers must wait to submit forms for approval until the Oregon Department of Revenue posts the final version. The Department prefers software vendors to print their NACTP ID on the bottom of all Substitute Forms instead of vendor abbreviation. Non-NACTP members should print their software initials. The Department will verify that line references, data dots, indicator boxes, revision dates, header of returns, form name and year match our return, The Department will also check anchors and barcodes for accuracy. The Department will not verify the verbiage or spelling of words. All forms included in 2-D test packages will be reviewed and approved at the same time as the barcode layout, please refer to the list. Forms not approved through the 2-D test package may be submitted without data. The Department prefers all forms to be submitted electronically unless it interferes with data printed on the form. The zipped PDF extension must be renamed before sending. The simplest way is to change the extension from “.ZIP” to “ZP.” Submit all zipped PDF forms for approval to: forms.a.vendor@state.or.us If for any reason you cannot submit tests electronically please send the forms and overlays by courier, freight, UPS, or U.S. Mail to: Oregon Department of Revenue Processing Center Administration Attn: Forms Review 955 Center St NE Salem OR 97301-2555. (Oregon Department of Revenue, 2014 Forms Requiring Review & Approval, August 19, 2014.)

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