Oregon wants 1099s filed electronically

The Oregon Department of Revenue is continuing its effort to have taxpayers file information returns electronically. Currently, all W-2s must be submitted electronically and employers who process more than ten 1099s must submit their information returns electronically. The Department uses the same file specification for the W-2 information as the SSA with minor modifications to the “state record.” The DOR also uses the same file specification for the 1099 information as the IRS with minor modifications to the “payee record” to include state specific information. Oregon is preparing an approved software list that will be posted on the website for taxpayers. File submission testing to validate that the product works properly will be required. Those interested in participating in the testing process and getting added to an approved software list, should send an email to IWIRE.dor@oregon.gov, or call the IWIRE line at (503) 945-8127. Generally, the phone is monitored from 8 AM to 5 PM on weekdays. (Oregon Department of Revenue Withholding and Payroll Tax Section, communication, September 5, 2014.)

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