PBGC announces new navigation features on its website

The Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC) has highlighted some recent improvements to its website (Pbgc.gov).

Among the new features:

• There are now drop-down menus on the top navigation bars on every page of PBGC.gov, which are becoming an industry best practice on sites like WhiteHouse.gov and others. On the PBGC.gov home page, there are arrows next to Workers & Retirees, Practitioners, and About PBGC. A user may hover over those arrows to find additional links to the most popular pages for those areas.

• The PBGC has developed a fully automated A-Z index and is promoting it on every page of its website. The index includes all of the PBGC’s web pages, including the individual “home pages” for each of its trusteed plans. Users who know the name of their plan can now either search or use the A-Z index to get where they need to be.

• The “Resources” section of the website has been removed and the information has been distributed into the more relevant Practitioners and About PBGC categories.

Source: PBGC website, August 4, 2014.
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