PBGC seeks nominations for Advisory Committee members

The Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC) seeks nominations for individuals to serve as members of the PBGC Advisory Committee. The deadline for receipt of nominations is September 24, 2018.

The Advisory Committee consists of seven members appointed by the President from among individuals recommended by the PBGC Board of Directors. By February 19, 2019, the terms of all of the members will have expired. Thus, the PBGC is seeking nominations for all of the members. The members consist of two representatives of employee organizations, two representatives of employers who maintain pension plans, and three representatives of the general public. The PBGC states that Committee members must have experience with employee organizations, employers who maintain defined benefit plans, the administration or advising of pension plans, or in related fields. Appointments to be Committee are for three-year terms.

Nominations may be submitted by letter, resolution, or petition, and signed by the person making the nomination or, in the case of a nomination by an organization, by an authorized representative of the organization making the nomination. The nomination should include, among other things, the position for which the nominee is being nominated and the nominee’s contact information. The nomination should also state that the nominee will accept the appointment to the Committee if offered it.

Source: 83 FR 39135.
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