PBGC updates e-4010 instructions to reflect PBGC guidance on effect of MAP-21 on 4010 reporting

The PBGC has announced that it has updated its e-4010 instructions to reflect its guidance on the effect of the Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act ( P.L. 112-141; MAP-21) on the annual financial and actuarial reporting under ERISA §4010. Effective beginning in 2012, MAP-21 establishes stabilization rules that limit the volatility of certain discount rates used for funding purposes by constraining them within a corridor. The PBGC issued guidance in Technical Update 12-2, which explains when the stabilization rules apply or do not apply for 4010 reporting purposes. The PBGC notes that a few other minor modifications were made to the application. For more information on the changes to the e-4010 instructions or to request a red-lined version of the instructions, send e-mail to 4010.Erisa@pbgc.gov.

Source: PBGC website, March 11, 2013.

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