PBGC updates My PAA

The Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC) has announced that it has updated My PAA. According to a posting on its website, more functionality has been added to the “Submit a Request” Quick Link button, located near the top of the Plan Page. The PBGC explains that practitioners have the ability to submit a Penalty RFR, Premium Refund and now any other type of actionable request or correspondence directly to the PBGC. When a request has been successfully submitted, an automatic Service Request ID will be generated and all filing team members will receive a confirmation message.

In another change, the “Check Status of Request” Quick Link button has been created to track certain plan specific requests. This page includes all requests that filing team members created via the “Submit a Request” Quick Link in addition to other relevant plan items that may have been created internally by the PBGC. Lastly, practitioners can only submit on-screen My PAA filings for plan years beginning 2008 and forward.

Source: PBGC Website, What’s New for Practitioners.
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