Pennsylvania issues 2017 tax amnesty program guidelines

The Pennsylvania Department of Revenue has issued guidelines informing taxpayers of the 2017 amnesty program which begins on April 21, 2017, and ends on June 19, 2017 (the amnesty period). The amnesty program was authorized by Act No. 84 (H.B. 1198), Laws 2016. All taxes that are owed to Pennsylvania and administered by the Department of Revenue are eligible for the amnesty program, and the eligible periods are those where a known or unknown delinquency exists as of December 31, 2015. Taxpayers who wish to participate are required to file an online amnesty return, file all delinquent tax returns, and make the required payment within the amnesty period. In addition, the notice provides a definition of the relevant terms, a list of taxes eligible for amnesty, a detailed overview of the notification process, the filing requirements, and other essential specifics required for taxpayers. (Notice, 2017 Tax Amnesty Program Guidelines, Pennsylvania Department of Revenue, September 9, 2016.)

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