Rule Would Implement FSS Electronic Contracting Initiative

A proposed rule would amend the General Services Administration Acquisition Regulation to add a clause requiring electronic submission of modifications under Federal Supply Schedule contracts managed by GSA. The rule would create GSAR 552.238-81, Modifications (Federal Supply Schedule), a reinstated clause. The alternate version of the proposed clause, which only applies to FSS contracts managed by GSA, implements and mandates electronic submission of modifications. This alternate clause links to GSA’s electronic tool, eMod, at .


According to GSA, the use of eMod will streamline the modification submission process for both FSS contractors and contracting officers; establish automated controls in the modification process that will ensure contract documentation is completed and approved by all required parties; and foster GSA’s Rapid Action Modification, which allows COs to process certain modification requests to the FSS contract as unilateral modifications with no requirement for contractor signature on Standard Form 30. Current and new FSS contractors would be required to obtain a digital certificate to comply with submission of information via eMod. GSA has authorized two FSS vendors to issue digital certificates at a price of $119 per issuance and at renewals every 2 years. The prescription for the clause would appear at GSAR 538.273. The rule also proposes to update the related public reporting burdens at GSAR 501.106. Comments referencing GSAR Case 2012-G501 are due July 29, 2013. For the text of the proposed rule, see ¶70,033.70.