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Perhaps the best feature of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) (P.L. 111-148) for small businesses is what it does not do: require them to choose between offering full-time employees ACA-compliant coverage or making Employer Shared Responsibility payments. Only Applicable Large Employers that average over 50 full-time employees a year are required to make that choice.

Nevertheless, there are important positive benefits for small employers that do wish to offer coverage including: coverage through a SHOP Exchange; availability of the Small Business Health Care Tax Credit; enrollment by self-employed individuals in individual Marketplace Exchanges and use of the premium tax credit; and shifting responsibility for navigating the technical requirements of the ACA Market Reforms from employer to insurer.

Some small employers that offer coverage, however, may also face significant burdens under ACA: being treated as insurers if they pay for their employees’ coverage directly; finding substitutes for previously-provided premium payment or reimbursement plans; and navigating accommodation within the Market Reforms for contraceptive coverage.

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For a review of benefits and burdens to small businesses of coverage under the Affordable Care Act, including transition relief and compliance rules, see the “Tax Briefing: ACA Small Business Tax and Compliance” at:

CCH© Federal Tax Perspectives now available

Just-released “CCH Federal Tax Perspectives: ACA Small Business Tax and Compliance” fills the gap between individuals and large employers, covering the SHOP (Small Business Health Options) Marketplace, the Small Employer credit, as well as self-employed and self-insured coverage. Areas of focus also include:

(1) Compliance with ACA market reforms, including ACA Compliance Checklist for Small Business (2) The effect of the ACA on employer self-insured plans including PCORI fees and coverage provider reporting
(3) Claiming the Small Employer Tax credit with filled-in forms example

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