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  • Analysis: Interest rates for funding calculations, 3/19 (101.2.-7)

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  • Analysis: Health coverage reporting, 3/19 (522.-1)

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  • Analysis: DOL’s delinquent filer voluntary compliance program, 3/19 (603.1.-1)

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  • Analysis: MEWAs, 3/19 (606.1.-1)

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    Few business owners fully understand HSAs, but are eager to learn more

    The majority of business owners (55 percent) consider the cost of health care to be the biggest expense for those in retirement, outpacing housing (24 percent), taxes (12 percent), food (6 percent) and transportation (1 percent), according to new research from the Nationwide Retirement Institute.

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    Sell health insurance across state lines? Let’s not, PIA National says

    Insurance sales across state lines constitute a clear threat to the successful state-based system of insurance regulation. That’s according to the National Association of Professional Insurance.

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    Employers cannot delay or expand FMLA designation, DOL opinion letter advises

    The Department of Labor has issued a new opinion letter addressing whether an employer may delay designating paid leave as FMLA leave or permit employees to expand their FMLA leave beyond the statutory 12-week entitlement. The letter explains that an employer “may not delay the designation of FMLA-qualifying leave or designate more than 12 weeks of leave (or 26 weeks of military caregiver leave) as FMLA leave.”

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    Less than 20 percent of employees have access to paid family leave: BLS

    In 2018, 17 percent of all civilian workers had access to paid family leave, while 89 percent had access to unpaid family leave, according to data from the 2018 National Compensation Survey from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). The BLS noted that access to family leave varied by establishment type and size.

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    Industry group provides Senate with recommendations on controlling health care costs

    The American Benefits Council has provided the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee with recommendations on how to control rising health care costs. Senate HELP Committee chairman Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn) had issued a call for specific recommendations to reduce the growing burden of health care costs on “taxpayers, employers and family budgets.”

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