SSA requests input from software developers, providers

The Social Security Administration (SSA) is soliciting input from developers of payroll and tax reporting software, as well as payroll service providers, who wish to enhance their offering by leveraging a web service for electronic wage reporting (EWR). SSA is looking for interested Consolidators, defined as companies who serve as conduits to receive wage data from their customer base that in turn generate the wage information in EFW2 file format and electronically submit the resultant files to SSA with their information specified as the submitter. The EWR web service is a web resource provided by SSA to allow for the seamless exchange of wage information through a distributed service-oriented architecture. SSA has created a web application program interface (Web API), which can be accessed from a program or client application using platform-independent and language-neutral web protocols, such as HTTPS. With the EWR Web Service, developers of payroll/tax reporting software and payroll service providers can exchange wage information with SSA using their own client applications. SSA uses Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) and Web Service Definition Language (WSDL) standards; therefore, developers can program in their preferred environment, such as Java, .NET or Perl. The EWR web service includes operations to submit wage files (in an EFW2 format), resubmit corrected wage files and view the status of submissions. Contact, Mark Ruley Division of Programmatic Applications Support, (SSA Communication, March 10, 2016.)

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