State Dept. Makes Extensive Changes to Acquisition Regulation

A final rule makes technical amendments to the Department of State Acquisition Regulation to provide needed editorial changes, update procedures and terminology, and align the DOSAR with the Federal Acquisition Regulation. The amendments are all corrections of typographical errors, alignments of wording/titling/numbering with the FAR, re-numbering or relocation without substantive change, changes in delegated authority, incorporation of agency procedural guidance into the Code of Federal Regulations, or other minor editorial adjustments.

New Subparts

Notably, the rule adds a number of new DOSAR subparts: DOSAR Subpart 604.2, Contract Distribution; DOSAR Subpart 604.8, Government Contract Files; DOSAR Subpart 604.16, Unique Procurement Instrument Identifiers; DOSAR Subpart 604.70, Contract Review; DOSAR Subpart 604.71, Procurement Quality Assurance Program; DOSAR Subpart 604.72, Secure Procurement for Controlled Access Areas; DOSAR Subpart 605.2, Synopses of Proposed Contract Actions; DOSAR Subpart 607.5, Inherently Governmental Functions; DOSAR Subpart 608.8, Acquisition of Printing and Related Services; DOSAR Subpart 608.70, Acquisition of Official Vehicles by Overseas Contracting Activities; DOSAR Subpart 615.4, Contract Pricing; DOSAR Subpart 616.1, Selecting Contract Types; DOSAR Subpart 623.2 ; Energy and Water Efficiency; and Renewable Energy; and DOSAR Subpart 647.3, Transportation in Supply contracts. A complete listing of the DOSAR provisions impacted by the rule appears in the regulation table below. The effective date of the rule is February 9, 2015. For the text of the rule, see ¶71,320.09.