USCIS updates E-Verify supplemental guide for employers

E-Verify launched an improved Client Account Management process to remove unnecessary fields, decrease abandoned enrollments and streamline the process for managing client accounts. When E-Verify employer agents (EEA) log into E-Verify, they can now:

  • update existing client accounts, as required by the E-Verify Memorandum of Understanding (MOU);
  • complete draft enrollments;
  • view the current MOU that all users must adhere to;
  • and view the MOU that the client company originally signed.

EEAs will also be able to conduct searches without using wildcards. For example, users can type in 123 into the search field, and it will search for any record that has 123 in certain fields, including company name, city and address. To learn more about EEAs, see the updated Supplemental Guide for E-Verify Employer Agents. (Supplemental Guide for E-Verify Employer Agents, April 2017.)
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