USCIS says E-Verify program is modernized

On April 23, USCIS announced the E-Verify program modernized its system to improve users’ experience, reduce errors, and increase the speed and accuracy of the employment eligibility verification process. Improvements include:

Enhanced usability features to help users enter correct information and make E-Verify more user friendly:

  • Expanded helper text and visuals to give more details about the data fields and documents,
  • Provide real-time feedback on errors to allow users to quickly correct data entry errors, and
  • An auto-scroll feature that automatically advances to the next section on the page that needs to be completed, which allows the user to edit case information without changing pages.

Streamlined case creation and management to increase results, speed, and accuracy:

  • Streamlined the E-Verify case creation and case closure process by removing unnecessary steps in a case to help users to complete the case faster,
  • Modernized the data matching process to reduce Tentative Nonconfirmations (TNCs),
  • Created an, “Are You Sure?” alert that is personalized to the user and only shows fields that may have triggered a TNC rather than showing all fields to help employers more easily identify errors, and
  • Combined DHS and SSA TNCs and now give employees 10 days to address both issues at the same time.

Improved overall data integrity and system compliance:

  • Improved photo matching features to give users the option to take pictures of the document using mobile devices, including tablets and smartphones,
  • Changed “Hire Date” to “Employee’s First Day of Employment,” to better align with Form I-9, and
  • Employer must now enter a reason why employee is working after receiving a FNC, which allows for better record keeping for FNCs retained by an employer. (USCIS Bulletin, E-Verify Modernization Launch, April 23, 2018.)

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