Utah reminds employers of new due date for reconciliation forms

Utah has issued a notice reminding employers of the new date for reconciliation forms. Employers must electronically file their Utah annual withholding reconciliations (Form TC-941R) and associated W-2s & 1099Rs by January 31. This means employers must electronically file their 2015 Utah annual withholding reconciliation forms and associated W-2s and 1099Rs by January 31, 2016. Employers may begin filing on January 1, 2016.

Penalties. Employers who do not electronically file by January 31 are subject to the following penalties: (1) Filing 15 days after due date—$30 per W-2 and 1099R (up to $75,000 per year); (2) Filing 31 days after due date—$60 per W-2 and 1099R (up to $200,000 per year); (3) Filing after June 1—$100 per W-2 and 1099R (up to $500,000 per year); and (4) Filing TC-941R after January 31—$50. (Utah State Tax Commission, Notice, New Annual Reconciliation Requirements Employers must file electronically with the Tax Commission by January 31, November 2015.)

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