Virginia reminds payors about tax amnesty

Virginia’s 2017 Tax amnesty program allows eligible taxpayers to get relief from tax debt starting September 13 through November 14, 2017. The program allows taxpayers to pay only the tax due and 1/2 the interest on eligible bills and delinquent tax returns. Virginia Tax will waive all remaining interest and penalties. Virginia Tax has sent notices to the last known address of eligible taxpayers detailing which bills and delinquent tax returns qualify for the amnesty period. Those who have not filed returns for income, sales and other taxes administered by Virginia Tax may receive amnesty benefits for returns that were due more than 90 days prior to September 13, 2017. More information on the 2017 Amnesty program will be available by visiting or calling 1-877-PAY-VTAX (877.729.8829). (Virginia Guidelines for the Virginia Tax Amnesty Program September 5, 2017.)

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