Washington issues rules for mandatory paid sick leave in 2018

Mandatory paid sick leave in Washington starts in just over two months. Last week, the Department of Labor & Industries (L&I) released new state requirements on how the paid sick leave law will be implemented. As a result of voter-approved Initiative 1433, employers are required to provide paid sick leave starting January 1, 2018. The newly adopted rules provide details on how the law will be carried out, covering topics like how employees accrue paid sick leave, what they can use it for, when they can use it, and how to calculate rates of pay for paid sick leave.

Enforcement phase of rulemaking underway now.

A second phase of rulemaking on mandatory paid sick leave is just getting underway. It will detail how the new law will be enforced. This process also offers opportunities to provide input, including two public hearings in November. The deadline for public comment is November 17.

2018 minimum wage.

Along with mandatory paid sick leave, Initiative 1433 also increases the state minimum wage annually over the next three years. In 2018, the state minimum wage will climb to $11.50 an hour. The initiative also ensures employers pay their employees tips and service charges.
For more information about the upcoming public hearings and the paid sick leave rules process, go to www.Lni.wa.gov/WorkplaceRights/Wages/Minimum/1443.asp. (Washington State Department of Labor & Industries News Release, October 20, 2017.)

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