West Virginia updates EFT requirements

West Virginia has released electronic funds transfer (EFT) requirements. West Virginia accepts both the ACH Credit and ACH Debit method of payment. Instructions for both are included in the guide. Wire Transfer is not an EFT payment method alternative that is available to EFT taxpayers, except on an emergency basis with prior authorization by the Department.
Certain taxpayers are required to pay by EFT, but all taxpayers are encouraged to participate in the program. NOTE: West Virginia does not accept ACH payments originating from any bank outside of the United States. The Department will make an annual determination based on payments made during the preceding fiscal year of which taxpayers are required to submit payments by EFT and returns electronically for the calendar year immediately following. The payment amounts are subject to change yearly. (West Virginia State Tax Department, Electronic Funds Transfer Program Information Guide, Revised: September, 2017.)

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